State Registrations

State Registrations

How do I comply with state’s promotion registration requirements?

Promotion Activators manages all promotion state registration requirements. And, we deliver within 24 hours as needed.

If you are running a game of chance promotion and the cumulative retail value of prizes exceeds $5,000, you’re required to register your promotion with the respective agencies in New York and Florida. Rhode Island requires registration when the cumulative value of prizes exceeds $500. What is a “game of chance”? A game of chance is a promotion in which winners aren’t determined based on a demonstrated skill. Examples include sweepstakes and instant-win games.

The deadlines for registration are different for each state. In Florida, the filing deadline is 7 days prior to the start of the promotion. In New York, the deadline is 30 days.

In addition to registration, you will also be required to provide a surety bond in New York and Florida. There is a registration requirement in the state of Rhode Island but they do not require a surety bond.

After the promotion has ended and the prizes have been awarded, a list of confirmed winners is submitted by Promotion Activators to Rhode Island, New York, and Florida to satisfy their reporting requirements.

Note: It is possible that you qualify for a bond waiver in the state of Florida if you’ve sponsored promotions and bonded/registered there for 5 successive years without incident but a registration is still required.

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