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What is a promotion administrator + how to pick one?

What is a promotion administrator + how to pick one?

A promotion administrator assists brands with all the administrative aspects of running a promotion. They help brands avoid legal and compliance issues, and provide independent, objective promotion management.

Why Promotion Activators?

Choosing a promotions administrator that has the services and experience you need is a must if you want your promotion to be a success. Promotion Activators is the authority on promotions administration. In fact, we handles every detail of the administration process for you. We take care of all the intricate details, so you don’t have to.

✔ 40+ years of experience

We’ve been in the promotions business since 1978

✔ Transparent pricing

Our get a quote tool gives you an estimate in minutes

✔ Legal Experts

Our legal team is expert in the promotions industry

✔ All-star client list

We’ve executed hundreds of successful promotions for global brands from Loreal to Dunkin Doughnuts

✔ Liability insurance

We’re covered, just in case

✔ Comprehensive, customizable services

We offer everything you need to run a successful promotion

✔ Friendly team

Our team members are friendly and knowledgeable – always

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