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What is contest judging?

Contest entries are subjective – user generated content: photo, essay, recipe, etc.. Our judges review and score each entry based on the predetermined set of criteria stated in the official rules. Judging is performed by a demonstrably independent judge or a panel with at least one independent member.

Promotion Activators provides judging service for any type of contest.

Promotion Activators provides credentialed judges to review/score the contest entries. For example, if you held a photo contest, we assemble a panel of experienced judges that include photo editors and professional photographers to judge the entries. Similarly, if it’s an essay contest, our judging panel includes published authors, professors of creative writing, and/or copywriters from the advertising industry. After the judging is over, we record and validate all the final scores.


Promotion Activators ensures winners are determined in a fair way, we also guarantee that the correct number of winners is selected.

We protects your brand from any questions as to whether winners were determined based on biases or prejudices.

Using Promotion Activators as a third party judging agency helps the sponsor avoid the appearance of impropriety, bias, or prejudice to the consumer with respect to the determination of prize winners.

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