Promotion Concept Preview

Promotion Activators offers concept discovery consultation on any promotion concept you are considering. We identify potential challenges early on in the process and provide recommendations to make your promotion 100% compliant with social media terms-of-use and state/federal requirements. Promotion Activators will work with you during any point of the development process, the best time to engage our services is during ideation.  We’ll identify potential issues before the concept is approved to save you – time and money.

For example, a client may plan to run a sweepstakes on Facebook and require entrants to “like” the sponsor’s page before they can access the entry page app.  This was a common condition of entry.  However, what they may not realize is that Facebook banned ‘like-gating’ and it violates their user agreement.

You might want to run a Twitter sweepstakes whereby consumers gain entry by tweeting a hashtag like #ILoveAcmeProducts without realizing the FTC requires conspicuous disclosure regarding the motive behind the tweet.  To do this, the hashtag should contain “Sweepstakes” or “Contest” (depending on the type of promotion). Example: #ILoveAcmeProductsSweepstakes.  Alternatively, they could require a second hashtag so that the entrant has to tweet both #ILoveAcmeProducts and #Sweepstakes in order to gain entry.

You may choose to run a UGC (User Generated Content) contest where entries are posted to a public-facing gallery.  This is generally okay and is common however the sponsor will want to have an opportunity to review/moderate the content before it posts to their site.  There could be intellectual property issues (using copyrighted music, for example) or an entry may contain material that the sponsor finds objectionable.

Promotion Activators can help you navigate not only the legal but also the executional aspects of your promotions.