Awarding Event Ticket Prizes

“Can we give event tickets as prizes?”

Special event tickets are a very popular prize for obvious reasons – who doesn’t want to go to the ‘big game’, race, or, exclusive concert?  But as prizes event tickets can carry some risk depending whether or not the promotion sponsor has permission.  In most cases, these entities whether they’re professional sports leagues or concert promoters, have agreements in place with paid official sponsors for certain rights of use.  These same rights aren’t afforded to non-sponsors so if you’re giving away tickets to the ‘big game’ there is a chance that you’ll receive a cease and desist letter from the entity or even find yourself in a costly court battle since these entities are fiercely protective of not only their brand but also their paid sponsors.

There’s also the question of whether or not the entity in question wants to associate with certain brands.  For example, a theme park may take a dim view of a tobacco company awarding a trip to their property and drawing a false or misleading association with them.

Finally, if you were to scrutinize the reverse side of a ticket, you will likely find a list of  restrictions.  Among them, you may find something along these lines “This ticket may not be used for, nor may any ticket holder enter the stadium for, advertising, promotion, or any other commercial purposes (including contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways) without the express written consent.”

Sure, you can get clever with how you describe the event (i.e. “Pro football’s big game”), but that doesn’t necessarily eliminate the risk.

In summary, you should get permission or be willing to come up with an alternate prize.

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