State registrations

What are State Registrations?

A number of states require either sweepstakes or skill contests to be registered.

Florida – Requires the operator of a sweepstakes/game promotion where the total announced value of the prizes exceeds US$5000 to register and post a bond.

New York – Requires the sweepstakes/game promotion operator to register and provide a bond for the promotion where the total value of prizes exceeds US$5000. 

Rhode Island – Requires a retail establishment that offers the opportunity to receive gifts, prizes, or gratuities, as determined by chance , in order to promote its retail business, where the total announced value of the prizes offered to the general public is in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) must register with the Rhode Island Secretary of State. 

Arizona – Requires any ‘intellectual contest‘ that involves the purchase of a product to be registered with the Arizona Attorney General

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