Judging Services

Promotion Activators has a superlative record selecting and determining winners in strict compliance with all official rules administered. If it is a random-draw sweepstakes, we utilize proprietary software to ensure that winners are determined in a fair and random fashion and all drawings are witnessed. While there is no legal mandate that a sponsor utilize an independent judging agency to determine their promotion’s winners, it is best practice to do so. Whether true or not, questions can be raised by entrants as to whether winners were determined based upon biases or prejudices. We provide the sponsor the ability to defend themselves against those questions by acting as their independent judging agency. It is the same reason that the Academy Awards depends upon an accounting company to tabulate votes that determine Oscar winners.

Using Promotion Activators as a third party judging agency helps the sponsor avoid the appearance of impropriety, bias, or prejudice to the consumer with respect to the determination of prize winners.

As for skill contests, Promotion Activators provides credentialed judges expert in their respective fields to review/score entries. If it is a photo contest, we assemble a panel of experienced judges that include photo editors at national newspapers, professional photographers, and/or college photography teachers. If it is an essay contest, our judging panel includes published authors, professors of creative writing, and/or copywriters from the advertising industry. All scores are recorded and validated by Promotion Activators.

In addition to ensuring that winners are determined in a fair, legal, manner Promotion Activators  guarantees the correct number of winners are selected. There’s a reason rules contain the statement “…no more than the advertised number of prizes will be awarded…”. Mistakes can happen and while our record is perfect in this regard, we do carry promotion specific Errors & Omission insurance to protect our clients. We also indemnify our clients against such mistakes to give them greater peace of mind.

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