Official Rules Development

Promotion Activators authors promotion “Official Rules”, a.k.a. “Terms and Conditions”- the contract between the sponsor and the entrant. Promotion rules communicate the obligations of both parties with no ambiguities. Rules also protect the sponsor from potential error or omissions in the administration of their promotion.

Promotion Activators drafted thousands of rules for promotions of all varieties – skill contests, sweepstakes, instant-win games, etc. Our promotion subject matter experts provide guidance throughout the rules development process up to the final draft. Once all terms are defined, we offer legal review services; our promotional law attorneys review final rules to assure 100% compliance with current state and federal legal statutes and qualify for our E&O insurance policy. While some put their brands at risk by copying and pasting online rules, we protect our client’s brand by writing rules for their unique promotion. In addition to ensuring legal and social platform compliance, our rules address the more nuanced elements of promotions.  For example, if a featured prize is time-sensitive, like tickets to a game or event, we can compress the winner notification/verification process.

In addition to a strong working knowledge or federal and state law as well as promotion laws specific to regulated industries like alcohol, dairy, and gasoline, Promotion Activators can provide expert counsel concerning social platform guidelines.  The guidelines for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, change more often than state and federal laws so we recognize the importance of working closely with these platforms to ensure our clients don’t inadvertently violate a rule.