Skill Contests

Promotion Activators ensures your contest is compliant according to current enforcement of federal and state laws. If we are responsible for the judging of contest entries and selection of winners, we will assemble a panel of  judges expert in the applicable area (i.e. photography, cooking, creative writing, etc.) and ensure strict compliance with the official rules.

A Contest is a competition where participants submit for judgment an evidence of a particular skill. For online contests such evidence is typically presented as user generated content (UGC) such as a photo, video, essay, drawing, etc. The submissions are then judged by a panel of judges or a public vote and the winner is chosen.

Unlike sweepstakes and games, a skill contest may require proofs of purchase (there are exceptions in a handful of states – IL, NJ, MD, TN, CO, ND, NE and, in some cases, AZ ). A contest typically get maximum consumer involvement.

Contest Services Include