Skill Contests

A Contest is a competition where participants submit for judgment an evidence of a particular skill. For online contests such evidence is typically presented as user generated content (UGC) such as a photo, video, essay, drawing, etc. The submissions are then judged by a panel of judges or a public vote and the winner is chosen.

Unlike sweepstakes and games, a skill contest may require proofs of purchase (except in a handful of states). A contest typically get maximum consumer involvement.

Contest Services Include

  • Moderating Online Entries: Screening of contest entries to ensure compliance
  • Writing Contest Official Rules
  • Compliance review
  • Registering in required states, including Arizona (if applicable)
  • Judging: Convening a panel of expert judges to determine winners
  • Notifying/qualifying the winners
  • Shipping prizes, arranging prize trips, purchasing prize vehicles, etc.
  • Tax form Issuance
  • Online skills contest development and administration


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