Legal Review Promotion Rules

Why rules legal review?

Legal review of promotion rules is standard best practice in the promotion administration industry that most brands require.

Official rules legal review service helps your promotion achieve a 100% compliant status.

Promotions – sweepstakes, games, contests – enforcement practices change at state and federal levels. The online environment is especially dynamic in recent years. E.g. FTC, COPPA, privacy, social media guidelines like Facebook’s promotion terms & condition, Twitter promotional hashtags, etc.. We’ll structure your promotion to be in compliance with applicable laws.

Promotion Activators has both legal counsel and subject matter experts (SMEs) that provide service benefits and different cost structures – primarily SME’s provide best practice guidance but do not provide legal services. Only counsel may provide legal opinion/review.

While our promotions administration subject matter experts (SMEs) have vast experience and expertise in promotions and related legal statutes – attend industry law conferences and receive regular legal updates – our legal counsel is current on all legalities related to promotions and is able to provide legal opinion.

Also, as part of our services benefit, we retain a promotion specific errors & omissions insurance policy. To provide that benefit, our policy requires legal review.

Our legal counsel reviews the official final rules to assure 100% compliance with all states and federal statutes and validates our errors & omissions policy. 

We also understand your brand risk profile may not necessitate Promotion Activators’ legal review services. With that said, you do have the option to decline legal review and forgo the service benefits as outlined in our commercial terms.

General overview, if a promotion contains all of these three elements: Prize, Chance (random selection) and Consideration (Purchase, Payment or Time) it’s an “Illegal Lottery”. The Time element and Consideration are gray areas depending on the entry process required.