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Preview my promotion concept for best practices

Our team reviews your promotion concept and offers recommendations based on industry best practices.

We offer concept evaluation for any promotion idea you’re considering. We make sure your promotion aligns with your marketing goals and make recommendations based on industry best practices.

We also find possible challenges early in the process and offer recommendations to make your promotion 100% legal and compliant with all terms of use and state/federal requirements.


When we preview your promotion concept, promotion type, entry method and prize structure, we offer opinions on their alignment with promotion best practices and your marketing goals. We also identify any non-compliance issues before you present it to stakeholders.

We can assist you at any point in the development process, but the best time to get our help is before your promotion begins. This keeps you from wasting time and money on an idea or concept that isn’t aligned with best practices or isn’t complian


Problem: You may plan to run a sweepstakes on Facebook and require people to “like” their page before accessing the entry page.

Solution: We would recommend against this because Facebook no longer allows ‘like-gating’ and we’d offer a solution to avoid violating FB’s user agreement.

For example, although you can’t require a like for entry, as an alternative, you can base entry on people creating content centered around your theme. This entry method is more valuable to your business. When users submit their content in text, video or photo form, it’s likely their network will also see the entry. This leads to more exposure for your brand.

Problem: You may want to run a Twitter sweepstakes where people enter by tweeting a hashtag like #ILoveAcmeProducts

Solution: We’d let you know that FTC requires disclosure regarding the motive behind the tweet. To do this, we’d let you know that your hashtag should contain “Sweepstakes” or “Contest” (depending on the type of promotion). We’d make sure the required tweet included both #ILoveAcmeProducts and #Sweepstakes to comply with FTC rules.

Problem: You may choose to run a UGC (User Generated Content) contest where people post to a public-facing gallery.

Solution: We would recommend UGC moderation services because there could be content that violates intellectual property issues (using copyrighted music, for example) or some content might contain material that the sponsor finds objectionable.

Client Comment:

I have partnered with Promotion Activators on a number of consumer promotions over the years. I trust the company implicitly. They’re extremely thorough with details – consumer promotions can have many loopholes that can put a client at risk. They identify all the potential scenarios, troubleshoot and come up with sound recommendations that are always in the best interest of the client.

Most recently, we worked on a very successful online campaign for one of our clients. We had a small budget to work with and Promotion Activators identified areas of savings we could leverage within our budget to provide our client the most value for the execution. What I most appreciate about Promotion Activators is that from the project start through completion the personal service Promotion Activators provides is exemplary and has never been matched by any other service provider.

Agency, VP, Brand Marketing

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