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Games usually involve an online game or distribution of game pieces with the chance to win instantly or to collect a series of winning pieces.

What are the benefits of a game?

Games encourage audience participation and can be fun and engaging, increasing brand awareness and often leading to viral moments on social media platforms.

Promotion Activators can help you with every aspect of your game from creation to final stages.

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Instant win games (IWGs) are exactly what they sound like: when a person instantly finds out if they won a prize.

Instant-win games, in some cases, may be covered by prize redemption insurance to limit your liability.

Instant-Win – physical game piece – Services Include

  • Developing a comprehensive plan for providing security and liability protection throughout the promotion
  • Digital random placement of winning game pieces by SKU, by plant, etc.
  • On-site supervision of printing/production to ensure that the intended quantity of game pieces is produced
  • Seeding of winning game pieces at production facilities and/or printing facility
  • Complete administration, including verifying and qualifying potential winners with video confirmation

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