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Promotion Administration Overview

Promotion to-do checklist

Step-by-step promotion administration guideto help you with your next sweepstakes, game or contest.

Promotion Activators brings your promotion to life, managing all the administrative details.


Before promotion starts

Choose a promotion type

You decide which type of promotion - sweepstakes, game, contest - will best accomplish your goals.
We can help with this.

Decide your promotion concept, theme

You decide the branding and messaging for your promotion.
We can help with this.

Define entry method(s)

You define how people will enter or what they’ll need to do to enter your promotion.
We can help with this.

Create prize structure

You choose the prizes people will win.
We can help with this.

Develop official rules

Determine the official rules for your promotion including required disclosures and details.

Legal approvals

Get legal approval from all stakeholders for creative, permission of use and rules.

States registration & surety bonds

This is not required for all promotions. It depends on your promotion type, states of eligibility and prize values.

Final approval

Approve final copy, creative, entry site etc.
*Ready to launch*

During promotion

Monitor promotion activity

After promotion ends

Select, verify, notify winners

Verifying and notifying winners will vary depending on your promotion.

Award prizes

Give each winner their prize.

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