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Before promotion starts

Promotion concept evaluation
An expert reviews your concept and offers best practices recommendations.

Benefit: Identifies any issues related to your promotion type, entry method, and prize structure before your concept is presented to shareholders.

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Official rules development
A promotions expert writes the official rules specific to your promotion.

Benefit: Ensures your promotion is 100% compliant.

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Legal services
Our legal counsel reviews your promotion to make sure it’s 100% compliant.

Benefit: Having your promotion reviewed by a legal expert ensures that your promotion is legal and complies with all applicable laws and guidelines.

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Surety bonds/registration
We handle any required state registrations and acquire surety bonds when needed.

Benefit: this guarantees you don’t miss deadlines or overlook important details to run a legal and compliant promotion.

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Entry page technology
Promotion Activators can help you create a digital entry page for your promotion.

Benefit: Providing an online entry method communicates all the details about your promotion to the entrants.

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During Promotion

User-Generated Content Moderation
While your promotion is active, our trained staff monitors all UGC (user-generated content) submissions before they post you your website.

Benefit: Prevents copyright violations and eliminates any offensive content before it goes live.

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After promotion ends

Judging Services
We help you with judging services after your promotion ends.

Benefit: Protects your brand from any questions as to whether winners were determined based on biases or prejudices.

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Winner selection, verification, notification
After your promotion ends, we select the winners of your promotion, verify winners and make sure that we notify the proper number of winners.

Benefit: Having a third party select, verify and notify your winners helps you avoid mistakes and eliminates any questions about the accuracy of the results.

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Prize fulfillment
After your promotion has ended, we can deliver prizes to your winner(s).

Benefit: Prevents damage, handles logistics and ensures the successful delivery of your prizes.

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Tax Form Issuance
After the promotion has ended, we offer tax-reporting services and issue any required tax forms for your promotion.

Benefit: Ensures the accuracy and timely delivery of any and all required tax forms for your promotion.

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